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Pro Evolution Soccer will never outsell FIFA, no matter how fine it is. Even when the series was at its peak, back when FIFA was at its lowest ebb on the PlayStation 2, it was never the best-selling game. So, if the first thing you look for in a football game is if it has all of the correct names and official kits, go ahead and purchase FIFA 17 as usual. However, if you think about how the game plays and if it’s a friendly and realistic representation of the real thing, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is unrivalled.

FIFA assassin

When discussing the rivalry between FIFA and PES, it’s difficult not to draw parallels with Leicester City, the tenacious Premier League champions. PES may lack the financial resources of its more well-known competitor, but it possesses the heart and desire to succeed. Despite the fact that all of them were excellent games in their own right, there is still the impression that FIFA has bought its way to success. PES, on the other hand, has gotten there entirely on its own merits.

In fact, PES 2016 was the quality breakthrough, and this year’s game is more of a refinement of those accomplishments. Passing, for example, is significantly easier and more precise, as is shooting, which now gives you much more control over how much force you bring into a kick. The dribbling, however, is the most important change, allowing such precise control that you’d swear the ball was sticking to the players’ feet, as in old footy games.

Artificial intelligence is also noticeably superior, not in terms of skill, but rather in the fact that other players make mistakes and play like real people. They’re not mindless robot drones that follow your every word, and they all have unique skills that have been meticulously mapped from their real-life counterparts. This isn’t exactly a new feature, but it’s never performed better than it does here, despite the fact that it’s always been one of PES’s calling cards.

Of course, there are still drawbacks, but the unreliable goalies from last year have definitely improved their game. The referees, on the other hand, are as ineffective as ever, though this time they’ve gone from being unusually lenient to being totally unpredictable. You might say that’s also realistic, but being on the wrong side of an arbitrary decision is much more aggravating than a teammate who takes a long time to get where you want him.

Action in the Premier League

There hasn’t been much improvement in terms of choices and modes as well. But, rather than digging through endless menus, you can now change team strategy much more easily from the pause menu. As you might imagine, there’s no counterpart to FIFA 17’s latest storey campaign, but the iconic Master League mode hasn’t changed much either. Although online play won’t be available until later this week, it’s hard to believe that MyPES has progressed enough to compete with FIFA Ultimate Team.

While PES cannot compete with FIFA’s graphics on a technical level, especially this year with the adoption of Battlefield’s Frostbite engine, the animation is still excellent and enjoyable to watch. You can see the physics engine struggle at times, but that’s understandable given that it’s normally trying to keep up with the game’s flow.

Top players’ facial likenesses are also highly accurate. Even though PES 2017 has a few licences – such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, and Borussia Dortmund – this still doesn’t fix the issue of no licences. On top of that, there’s the UEFA Champions League, Super Cup, and Europa League to contend with. More importantly, you can either correct the kits and names yourself or wait for someone else to do it and download it from one of the PES fan pages.

Of course, because FIFA 17 isn’t due out until September 29th, it’s hard to say how it compares to PES 2017. However, based on demos and early reviews, it would come as a complete surprise if it turned out to be as good as this. If it does, it’s even better, because that’ll mean that this year saw the release of two of the greatest football games ever made, rather than just one.

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