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Football Cup Slot Review

Despite it being a World Cup year, I don’t know about you but I always find that the football-free summer months stretch into eternity. Usually my only football fix during this period is hungrily scouring the transfer news every day to see how the landscape for the new season is shaping up. Although we’re now into October and the leagues, Champions League and European Championship qualifiers are now into full swing, those long months of mid-June until mid-August are still a painful memory. As well as transfer news this summer though I also found another football-themed distraction to keep me somewhat satiated, coming across the ‘Football Cup’, video slot game on my favourite online casino.

Football Cup

This video slot comes from games developer Viaden. Although not one of the big online casino software developers Viaden looks like one of the new breed of independent games studios that are expected to gradually lessen the grip of the traditional big beasts over the coming years. If this entertaining game is anything to go by they are doing something right and we can expect to hear more of them. It’s a well put together game that will appeal to football fans of all ages who also have a penchant for online video slots. It may even tickle the fancy of non-football fans.

The game blends clean but attractive graphics with a number of surprisingly original gameplay features. With video slots often much of a muchness other than their different themes this is certainly refreshing.

While not an official franchise, Football Cup skates along the thin ice of sporting, pun intended, a background which is as close as it gets to that of the world’s top international club competition, without the makers either getting sued or slapped with a massive franchise fee. The one element of the game which is a little below par is the music. Obviously mimicking the instantly recognisable theme tune of the aforementioned elite European football competition was a step to far for the makers’ daring and the irritating substitute chosen was not the most inspired choice. Luckily it can be switched off so no real harm done.

One nice innovation is the fact that when you get a winning combination your winning symbols are frozen in place with the rest re-spun. This gives you a great chance of a decent win being supplemented by another or turning into a much more rewarding combination.