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World Football Stars slot review

Video slot games are well known for their various gimmicks and added options. With a fairly standard basic format, other than the theme it is the main way the game developers can add some variety to the game play and mix things up. And World Football Stars is positively bursting with little twists. This 15 payline offering from Playtech features the usual wild and scatter symbols as well as a host of creative bonus rounds to provide at least as much entertainment as actually watching the World Cup itself.

The first innovation that you will immediately notice is that before you start to play you can choose from seven top World Cup teams to play with. Depending on the teams you choose, you feature symbols will consist of those teams’ star players from the past and present. So if you opt for France you will see present national team stars such as Ribery, but also icons of the past such as the great Zinedine Zidan. Brazil has current poster boys Neymar and co. as well as legends such as the first buck-toothed Ronaldo, the equally buck-toothed Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos.

On the presentation front the game has been very well made and the soundtrack really gives a football stadium atmosphere. One element which may disappoint younger players is that the selection of player symbols is heavily weighted towards past rather than current stars, though they also feature. This is presumably due to cost issues on image rights for present-day footballing icons.

You start the game by choosing the two teams that you want to play with and the first team’s symbols will be active from left to right and the second’s from right to left. Your next decision is to set the level of your wager for each spin which can be anything from £0.01 to £5 per payline. So for all 15 paylines this can go up to £75 a spin if you are feeling rich or lucky, or as little as £0.15 a spin.


The game has a free game feature triggered when two of the free game symbols appear in the first and fifth slots, though they must be from the same team. Another bonus is the Pass the Ball feature triggered when the football symbol fall on the second reel simultaneously to a player of your first team the first or fourth reel, or someone from your second team on the fifth reel. This is a massive money spinning bonus giving you a x3 multiplier.